Digitizing underwater heritage

We are a team of cave divers, historians, archeologists and 3d scanning experts. We bring the beauty and mystery of the submerged world to the broad audience.

3d scanning of flooded caves and mines

Cold water, tight corridors nad low visibility are no excuses. We document highly inaccessible places using underwater photogrammetry techniques.

Virtual wreck Salvaging with 3d prints

Using the 3d printing technology, we are unveiling the unreachable sea’s secrets with a virtual salvaging process.

Photogrammetry-based cave and mine maps

Developing complete scans of flooded objects, we create maps that depict every smallest detail. Combining cartography, 3d scanning and rendering techniques we present the flooded sites as they really are.

Exploring THE submerged world in VR

Creating a digital twins of underwater wonders, we bring them to the non-diving history enthusiasts using immersive technologies like VR and AR.

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Media and supporters

Submerged Foundation’s projects received worldwide recognition, resulting in fascinating sponsorships and media partnerships