Dominican Monastery
in Šćedro

Photogrammetry documentation of a medieval monastery in Croatia

The Dominican Monastery in Šćedro

The Dominican Monastery of Saint Mary of Mercy is a historical site on a small island of Šćedro in Croatia. Its construction date is unknown. The monastery played a vital role in the spiritual and cultural life of the local community and was mentioned in available documents in 1460. In the 18th century, French military took control of the island, and the monastery complex became state property. It was later sold in 1898, paving the way for permanent settlement on the island. Today, the monastery’s legacy is felt throughout Šćedro, and its significance to the community is still visible.

Media and supporters

The project was carried out in co-operation with SEAmagination and the Friends of the island of Šćedro Association 


Scanning the whole area with both buildings inside and outside in one day, required a team of four people and some planning.



The photographs were taken with one DLSR camera and one compact camera. Two team members where photographing every wall and every detail for a few hours, until everything was documented from ground level.


drone videos

Then we used a drone to film the area and the buildings from the top and multiple angles around.

The outcomes

Photogrammetric documentation of the Dominican Monastery in Šćedro.

Outcome #1

3D Model

The 3d photogrammetry model of the monastery has been created and optimised for online viewing on Sketchfab platform and embedding into websites.

Outcome #2

A Fly-through Animation

The detailed fly-through animation published on YouTube allowed the local community and tourist board for better on-line promotion of this unique point of interest.

Outcome #3

3D renders

Thanks to this detailed and highly accurate 3D model, the Submerged team created a series of 3D visualisations of the monastery.

Dominican Monastery in Šćedro, Croatia. A 3d reconstruction. Submerged Foundation and SEAmagination.


Learn more about digital conservation of cultural heritage and 3D scanning projects.


This photogrammetry documentation project would not be possible if not for the co-operation of some dedicated and skilled people.


Mariusz Milka | Submerged Foundation

Photogrammetry data aquisition and 3D model creation

Ewelina Heil | SEAmagination

Photogrammetry data acquisition

Nina Marijan

Drone Photography

Mia Marijan

Drone Photography