Digitizing the underwater heritage

We are a team of cave divers, historians, archeologists and 3d scanning experts. We bring the beauty and mystery of the submerged world to the broad audience.

Submerged mission

The big ‘WHAT’, 
‘WHO’, and ‘WHY’


We preserve, explore and document the underwater cultural heritage through the use of digital 3d scanning techniques. Our mission is to contribute to the understanding of maritime history and to protect the natural underwater environment. We participate in a range of international projects aiming to identify or find specific wrecks lying at the bottom of the sea. We also work on documenting the underwater caves that are probably the least accessible sites on Earth today.


We believe that the preservation and documentation of these underwater sites are crucial for future generations to learn from and appreciate the history and culture that they represent. With the use of cutting-edge technology and techniques, we aim to create accurate 3D models of these sites that can be used for research, education, and preservation purposes.


Our organization is made up of a team of professionals who are passionate about underwater exploration and documentation. We collaborate with experts in various fields, including archaeology, history, and cartography, to ensure that our work is accurate and meaningful.


Cave diver, photogrammetry expert, 3d artist, leader

Entrepreneur and cave diver. I am also the president of the Submerged Foundation. 3d and IT expert by trade, he is passionate about unveiling the secrets of the unknown, submerged world. The person who puts the wheels in motion in all of the Foundation’s projects. The method of scanning underwater, overhead spaces (caves and mines) developed by Marcin was presented at a number of conferences, including National Speleological Society (USA), Hidden Erath (UK, and Baltictech (Poland) and in a variety of magazines, including GUE’s InDepth Magazine.

Mateusz Zahora

Technical assistance, problem solver

3d content creator, underwater photographer. Professional problem solver. This man has the answer to literally any challenge. He’s working on most of our 3d scans, takes care of the logistics during the major projects and takes care of technical intricacies whe it comes to 3d printing our works.

Mariusz Milka


Mariusz has been working in the areas of photogrammetry, photography, education and digital humanities for many years. He is also a diving instructor. He undertakes innovative projects and always looks for new challenges. In case you’d like to know more about photogrammetry (drone or underwater), reach out directly to Mariusz – his online courses are awesome.

Michał Antoniuk

Underwater photographer, Social media Guy

“Staying at home is the greatest of all punishments” as he describes himself. A traveler and lover of every form of activity, scuba diving for 10 years. The overhead environment has been his main travel destination for a long time. He pursues his dream of being a reporter with a camera in an underwater housing searching underwater emotions and spectacular landscapes.

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