KFK 532

Photogrammetric documentation of one of the last ships from World War II sunk in the Baltic Sea

What is Kriegsfischkutter (KFK)?

Kriegfischkutter literally means ‘war fishing boat’. It was one of the most popular, successful, relatively cheap to build and operate structures that were produced for the longest time during the war. The idea behind the designers was to create a ship built according to one standard, which would be used as a civilian fishing boat in peacetime and, at the same time, if necessary, could be quickly and effectively armed and transformed for war purposes.

Media and supporters

Both Maria Concordia Project and Submerged Foundation received worldwide recognition, resulting in fascinating sponsorships and media partnerships

The outcomes

Photogrammetric documentation of one of the last ships from World War II sunk in the Baltic Sea

Outcome #1

3D Model

The 3d photogrammetry model of the KFK 532’s wreck has been created and optimized for online viewing on the Sketchfab platform.

Outcome #2

3D print

Having the scan in place, we were able to create a detailed physical model of the KFK 523 wreck using an epoxy printer. The model is composed of 4 pieces combined together, with total length of 50 cm.

Outcome #3

3D renders

The detailed, highly accurate 3d model allowed the Submerged team to create a series of 3d visualisations presenting the wreck with all if its details. Those 3d renders were then used to analyse the and evaluate the wreck’s condition by historians from the National Maritime Museum.

3d model of KFK 532. Photogrammetry projects. Submerged Foundation.

Documentary photoshoots

The process of scanning the Kriegsfischkutter wreck has been documented by Michał Antoniuk, one of Submerged Foundation’s board members

The KFK 532 project showreel

The project of that scale is hard to describe briefly. So instead, take a look at this making-of video our team has prepared!


Learn more about Baltic sea wrecks, the history of naval warfare and the technical intricacies of wreck 3d scanning.

Submerged Baltic team

The Baltic wrecks documentation project would not be possible of not for the cooperation of some dedicated and skilled divers and photogrammetry experts.


Marcin Stempniewicz | Submerged Foundation

Project leader, diver, photogrammetry data aquisition, photogrammetry reconstruction

Michał Antoniuk | Submerged Foundation

Underwater documentary photography

Technical support

Łukasz Orlicki | “Explorer” Magazine

History/archeology consultant

Mariusz Milka | Submerged Foundation

Photogrammetry Technical Advisor

Marcin Stempniewicz | Spodwody podcast

Surface support, technical assistance

Kamil Stankiewicz | Dive Land Base

Helmsman, safety diver