The Reefs of Maldives

Creating a digital library of reef species photogrammetric scans for educational purposes.

Maldive's biodiversity

Submerged Foundation is dedicated to preserving and understanding underwater wonders of Maldives through the creation of a coral species 3d library. Join us in our mission to safeguard these delicate ecosystems for future generations through cutting-edge technology and conservation efforts.

The outcomes

A series of coral 3d scans acquired with photogrammetry scanning

Manta Cleaning station

A series of coral 3d scans acquired with photogrammetry scanning

A manta cleaning station exemplifies a complex system of biological interdependencies where manta rays and cleaner fish mutually benefit, with the rays receiving cleaning services and the cleaner fish obtaining nourishment, thus contributing to marine ecosystem health and supporting eco-tourism.

What are Manta Cleaning Stations?

A manta cleaning station is a specific location in the ocean where manta rays gather for the purpose of being cleaned by smaller fish known as “cleaner fish” or “cleaner wrasses.” These cleaning stations are typically found in areas where there is a high concentration of plankton, which attracts both the manta rays and the cleaner fish.

The cleaning process involves the cleaner fish removing parasites, dead skin, and other debris from the surface of the manta rays’ bodies. Manta rays often adopt specific postures or patterns of swimming to indicate to the cleaner fish that they are ready to be cleaned. This behavior benefits both the manta rays and the cleaner fish: the manta rays get rid of unwanted hitchhikers and maintain their health and hygiene, while the cleaner fish get a meal in return.

Manta cleaning stations are important ecological sites, as they contribute to the overall health and well-being of manta ray populations and the marine ecosystems in which they live. They are also popular destinations for eco-tourism, allowing people to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat while promoting conservation efforts to protect them.


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