Maria Concordia mine

An underwater photogrammetry survey of a flooded magnesium mine located in Sobotka, Lower Silesia, Poland

What is Maria Concordia?

Maria Concordia, an old, flooded Magnesite mine with its irregular corridors, beautiful magnesite veins and crystal clear water seemed to be the perfect site to conduct the survey. Our goal is to create a complete photogrammetry scan of all 4 corridor levels, along with the 40m deep shaft.

Media and supporters

Both Maria Concordia Project and Submerged Foundation received worldwide recognition, resulting in fascinating sponsorships and media partnerships.


Scanning the whole mine was an endevour that required through planning and a multidisciplinary execution team



Collecting this amount of data requires thorough planning on all of the project stages. Each dive was carefully planned. The data collection was split into several days so the captured material could be evaluated in the meantime.

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hours of processing

Diving is only the first step of the whole adventure The whole catured material needs to be processed in the photogrammetry software

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hours under water

The total dive time includes not only the scanning itself, but also the time of support divers and the time spent on the documentary photoshoots by Michał Antoniuk


km scanned

We managed to scan all 4 flooded levels. Al together with all of the side corridors, excavation chamber etc it sums to over 3000m of photorealistic scan.

The outcomes

An underwater photogrammetry survey of a flooded magnesium mine located in Sobotka, Lower Silesia, Poland

Outcome #1

Cross sections

The great advantage of working with a 3d model is the possibility to quickly create a cross section along any axis, preserving the photorealistic details.

Outcome #2


Meticulous process of connenting the corridor chunks allowed the team to create a highly detailed maps of the first 2, largest levels.

Outcome #3

Virtual Dive Videos

Thanks to the virtual tour videos you can plan your dive well ahead. 360 videos are coming soon.

Documentary photoshoots

While capturing the beauty of the Concordia mine using the photogrammetry technique, we couldn’t forget about taking some stunning documentary photographs.


The maria concordia project showreel

The project of that scale is hard to describe briefly. So instead, take a look at this making-of video our team has prepared!


The project resulted in quite a few publications in world-wide media and talks on diving and speleology events all over the world.


The Maria Concordia Project would not be possible of not for the cooperation of some dedicated and skilled divers and photogrammetry experts.


Marcin Stempniewicz | Submerged Foundation

Project leader, diver, photogrammetry data aquisition, photogrammetry reconstruction

Michał Antoniuk | Submerged Foundation

Diver, photogrammetry data aquisition, underwater documentary photography

Mikko Paasi | Bottomline Projets

Diver, photogrammetry data aquisition, underwater documentary photography

Bartek Kamiński

Diver, Photogrammetry data aquisition

Technical support

Mateusz Zahora | Submerged Foundation

Surface support, technical assistance

Mariusz Milka | Submerged Foundation

Photogrammetry Technical Advisor

Bartosz Przybylski |

Virtual reality advisor, Unreal Engine developer

Kamil Porembinski | Spodwody podcast

Surface support, technical assistance